What We Do

DIGDEEP is not a water charity. We’re a human rights non-profit working to ensure that every American has clean, running water forever.

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The Problem

While some Americans struggle to get enough clean water to survive, the rest of us take water completely for granted, endangering our most valuable resource.

1.6 Million Americans

Roughly 1.6 million Americans still don’t have hot and cold running water, a bathtub or shower or a working flush toilet. Millions more don’t have clean water that’s safe to drink.

100 gallons per person, per day

At the same time, Americans that have clean, running water at home use nearly 100 gallons a day, more than any other country on earth. We often take it for granted.

Our Response

Water Access Projects

Water Access Projects

In places without clean, running water or basic plumbing, we empower American communities to build and manage low-cost systems that bring safe, hot and cold water into homes, schools and community centers.
Our water projects are community led, and designed to measurably improve human rights standards like health, gender equity and economic development.
Education & Advocacy Programs

Education & Advocacy Programs

In places that already have access to water, DIGDEEP designs experiences that help Americans form a deep and lasting connection to the water we often take for granted.
We invest in curricula, brand partnerships, events and digital activations to help people better understand and care for our water resources, making them last.

Happening Now


Navajo Water Project

Bringing clean, running water to hundreds of families in rural New Mexico, Arizona and Utah.

Clean Water for St. Michael's

The water at this special education school was dangerously dirty. We fixed it.

Bring Baby Lisa Home

For Baby Lisa, having a tap was a matter of life or death. Life won.

The 4Liters Challenge

Millions of Americans survive on just a few liters of water a day. Could you?


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Clean Water for St. Michael's

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It took us 4 years to make this video

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PBS NewsHour

Water for Off-Grid Navajo

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