The Water Council is a prestigious group of donors who pledge a significant annual gift to cover DigDeep’s operating costs.
Support from the Water Council allows us to dedicate 100% of every donation directly to projects that bring clean, running water to American families until this crisis is solved.
Water Council
\wôder ˈkounsel\
(n.) a body of people elected or appointed to oversee the management of their water project.
(n.) a small group of venture philanthropists dedicated to ending water poverty in America for good.
  1. Sr. Sarah Begay
  2. Baca Water Council, Navajo Nation
  3. 01 Sarah is a Pentecostal Preacher and school board member. She first got running water and a bathroom in 1998.
  4. 02 Sarah advocates for water and education improvements in her hometown, the Baca Chapter of the Navajo Nation in New Mexico. She attends regular Water Council meetings where she guides DigDeep’s work to bring water to her community.
  5. 03 Because of her efforts, Sarah’s grandkids won't know what life is like without clean, running water.
  1. Rob Rhinehart
  2. DigDeep Water Council, Los Angeles
  3. 01 Rob pioneered a new approach to food called Soylent - a substance that provides efficient nutrition to people on-the-go while helping solve global food shortage.
  4. 02 Rob believes that every American should have access to water and nutrition – so much so that he once lived on just 7 gallons of water for an entire week to raise funds for DigDeep.
  5. 03 Sometimes we think Rob just joined the Water Council so he could come to the field and play with our backhoe.
In return for their incredible investment, we work hard to help every Water Council member create a deep, personal connection to the work we do together.
  • Field Trips

    Every year we plan a few field trips where WC Members can get their hands dirty, meet our clients and ride our water trucks. Bring your family and friends to eat, drink and mingle with other members and close friends of DigDeep.

  • One-on-One Updates

    The WC is an extension of our Board of Directors. You’ll get a board buddy to act as your point of contact and you’ll receive quarterly updates on things you care about from senior staff.

  • State of DigDeep Dinner

    WC Members join the board and our major donors once a year for an intimate dinner to toast our accomplishments and preview the work ahead. Dinner’s on us!

  • Campaign Previews

    WC members get access to each of our new projects, campaigns and updates before anyone else. You’ll stay uniquely connected to the amazing work that inspires you.

  • 100%

    Water Council Members fund things like rent, insurance and admin salaries, ensuring that every donor dollar goes right where it’s needed most: water projects.

  • First Contact

    Water Council investments allow us to reach out to new communities that we hope to serve, funding important start-up expenses like travel and community meetings.

  • HR Value

    The Water Council is helping us become the “Google of nonprofits” by supporting comprehensive benefits, employee wellness, and employee retention programs.

  • Follow-the-Leader

    DigDeep is the first (and only!) organization solving the water crisis here at home. Water Council investments support research, capacity-building and experimental programming, helping us build thought-leadership as we invite new organizations to take up the cause.


George McGraw

CEO and Founder

Annie Lascoe

Chief Relationship Officer

Join the Water Council by pledging an annual gift to support DigDeep’s operating costs.
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