There are so many “water charities” out there, why should I donate to DIGDEEP?

DIGDEEP believes that every human being has a right to the clean water they need to live a life in dignity, happiness and freedom. If you believe this too, you’re already in the right place.

There are three other great reasons to support our work:

  • 100% model. It’s a new way of giving for a new generation of dedicated non-profits. DIGDEEP commits to sending every dollar of your donation to a program that brings clean, running water to Americans. We show the impact of these programs by preparing project reports >
  • Hands-on approach. DIGDEEP is not a donation aggregator. We’re involved in each project we fund – in some cases planning and executing the projects
  • Holism. DIGDEEP challenges the conditions that cause water poverty by changing the way people think about water. Through education and awareness projects in support of the human right to water, we’re working to combat pollution, over-consumption, disconnection, water conflict, and other related concerns.
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