How does DIGDEEP choose a project or location?

With nearly 800 million people lacking a safe source of clean water, there are far more communities in need than DIGDEEP has the resources to serve.

DIGDEEP has a dedicated staff of human rights and development professionals that vet projects with the help of our partner organizations. Although it’s a complicated process, there are three basic criteria:

First, we have to ensure that the community can be reached by either DIGDEEP staff or a trusted local partner. Second, we must have the capacity to execute the project in a responsible and sustainable way. (Irresponsible project planning means that over 50% of water projects fail every year). Finally, the stakeholder community must demonstrate ownership of the project and its willingness to manage of the new water source when we’re finished.

You can see all of the regions in which we’re currently working by visiting our What We Do page >

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