Does DIGDEEP build the projects it funds?

For every project, DIGDEEP is actively involved in project planning and implementation, including post-construction monitoring. Our incredible staff and advisory board keep themselves at the cutting-edge of water management strategy and technology.

When we build relationships with local partners or contractors, we look for expertise, experience and a long-term commitment to the communities we serve. It’s a time and capital-intensive process formalized by a special agreement called an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding).

When DIGDEEP plans a local project, every effort is made to source all the necessary work (ex. well drilling) from within the affected community in support of the local economy. DIGDEEP considers each of our projects an “investment” not only in human rights, but also in local development. Each project empowers local stakeholders to defend their own rights… as decision-makers, maintenance-trainees, construction specialists or community spokesmen (to name a few roles).

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