Does DIGDEEP accept in-kind donations of goods or services?

DIGDEEP welcomes certain in-kind gifts from our supporters, including photo and video equipment, office space, travel, plumbing, pumps, tools and event supplies. We also welcome donations by skilled professionals, including social media coordinators, lawyers, accountants, videographers, etc…

If you think you have a gift or skill to put to work in defense of the right to water, reach out to us by email. Just put “In Kind Donor” in the subject line and we’ll get right back to you. If the donation is a good fit, DIGDEEP may be able to offer a tax deduction, after receiving an invoice for the fair market value.

Note: Please contact us before sending anything to our physical address. If you send something without prior verification, we cannot guarantee we will be able to offer you a donation receipt or pay for return postage.

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