Can DIGDEEP send materials or staff to my school, event or fundraiser?

If you’re planning an event in LA, and you want us to attend, send us an email and we’ll check the schedule.

If you teach for or attend an LA-based elementary, secondary or college institution, we’d love to speak to your students about the #4Liters Challenge. Learn more here >

If you wish to invite our executive director and founder, George McGraw, to speak at your school or event, you can contact him through his personal website: georgemcgraw,com. Generally, we request that your organization or institution cover travel and housing expenses and fundraise a small honorarium that we will donate toward a water project in your name.

Since DIGDEEP operates on a 100% model, it’s important to keep our administrative costs low. For this reason, we don’t offer to send our staff or materials to any event outside of the LA area unless we’re compensated.

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