What We Promise

Our work is only possible because of the trust we’ve built with our donors and the communities we serve. Here’s how:

We believe that every American has an equal right to clean, running water – and that every community has a responsibility to invest in that future.

We plan water projects that are locally-led, leveraging the unique experiences and resources of the communities they serve.

We believe full disclosure is the best way to inspire change.

We send 100% of public donations to water access programs; we collect and share a wide variety of project data through project reports, and we let personal stories from real people guide our communications.

We're always accessible by phone or by email.

We believe our water resources won’t last unless we form a new relationship with them.

We help Americans experience the real value of their water – often for the first time – through volunteer work, digital experiences and other education programs.

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The 100% Model

We know that every dollar you invest in our work is hard earned and thoughtfully given, so we commit 100% of every donation to water programs.

We maximize the impact of your donation by leveraging gifts from a special group of individuals, foundations and companies to cover our operating expenses. We call this community The Water Council.

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Our financials are independently audited.

In 2018, we spent $1,412,592, investing 81% in water access and education projects.
Every donor dollar funded a water project.
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Program Expenses

A program expense is either a direct cost associated with each program, or a support cost associated with each program.

For example, a part for a Home Water System – like a cistern or pump – is a direct cost. But those parts must be carefully selected, tested, ordered and installed. The time (as a % of employee's salary) and resources (as a % of office use) spent on that process and on growing, documenting and sharing the program are considered a program support cost. Program expenses are covered by your donations.

Operational Expenses

Operational expenses are costs required to keep us up and running. They include things like operational salaries, fundraising expenses, web development, and other costs associated with building and maintaining the organization. Operational expenses are covered by the Water Council.

Project Reports

We publish reports showing how we invested your donation.